About Us

The Discovery Center…
is a creation museum that exists primarily to provide scientific and historic evidence for the truthfulness of God’s word, especially as it relates to the creation/evolution issue. . Our secondary mission is to expose the myth of evolution as anti-science and atheistic in nature. We accomplish our mission by conducting tours, providing resources, teaching seminars and classes and by sponsoring special events as well as producing a daily radio program, A Discovery Minute.

Located in Abilene, TX, The Discovery Center is the physical headquarters of Overflow Ministries, established in 1980 by Tommy and Carolyn Walden for the purpose of teaching the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

January 2018, Tommy Walden went to be with the Lord, yet Carolyn Walden continues with our ministry with her wonderful creative talents and BIG vision for future ministry.

Tommy and Carolyn Walden

The Discovery Center Team