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Creation Proclaims Climber and Creepers - $ 6.00

Learn about God's Amazing Climbers and Creepers - Creation Cards. $6.00 for a box of cards plus $1.50 shipping.

God's Living Treasures - $ 6.00

Amazing Animals of Alaska cards - Discover God's Amazing Animals.  $6.00 box of cards plus $1.50 shipping.

Incredible Creature Cards - $ 6.00

Cards: Have you ever noticed how many people are interested in animals? It is because God has built into mankind a wonder of the things that He has made - He has revealed Himself through His creation. Learn about God's amazing creatures with these Incredible Creature cards.  $6.00 a box plus $1.50 shipping.

Question evolution! - $ 1.00

Buper Sticker - Question Evolution!  $1.00 plus $0.60 shipping.

Triceratops Writing Pen - $ 3.95

Cool Triceratops writing pen.  3.95 plus $1.25 shipping.

YOU ARE HERE - $ 1.00

Post Card - YOU ARE HERE - The earth fits into the volume of the sun over a million times. Information on God's Creation.  $1.00 plus $0.55 shipping.