The Truth Bookstore was established to offer books on Creation, Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Prophecy, Israel, America as well as Bibles. In addition, find great DVD's on many important and cutting edge topics. If you're looking for a gift for any age, we carry jewelry, crafts, T-shirts and toys. 

Be Still and Know That I Am God - $ 9.99

Gift Plaque: Be Still and Know That I AM GOD. Psalm 46:10.  $9.99 plus $2.95 shipping.

Coffee with Jesus - $ 6.99

Coffee Cup: A little bit of Coffee and A WHOLE LOT of Jesus.  $6.99 plus $1.95 shipping.

Dad Be Strong in the Lord - $ 10.00

Plaque: Dad Be Strong in the Lord and in his Mighty Power - Ephesians 6:10.  $10.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair - $ 6.99

Coffe Cup: Everything Tastes Better with CAT HAIR in it.  $6.99 plus $1.95 shipping.

Fire Fighter Tumbler with Bible Verse - $ 7.00

Fire Fighter Tumbler with Bible Verse. $7.00 plus $2.95 shipping 

I Am Grateful Tea Cup - $ 6.00

I Am Grateful Tea Cup with a place to put your tea bag.  $6.00 plus $1.95 shipping.

If you only pray only when you're in trouble - $ 7.99

Coffee Cup: If you only pray when you're in trouble!  $7.99 plus $1.95 shipping.

Israel Bank - $ 10.00

Decorative Israel Bank - 7" tall.  $10.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Live With Joy - $ 6.99

Coffee Cup: Live With Joy.  $6.99 plus $1.95 shipping.

One Nation Under God - $ 6.00

RED WHITE & BLUE - One Nation Under God Plaque.  $6.00 plus $2.99 shipping.

Police Tumbler with Bible Verse - $ 7.00

Police Tumbler with prayers scripted. $7.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Pray More Worry Less - $ 8.99

Coffee Cup: Pray More Worry Less.  $8.99 plus $1.95 shipping.

The Secret in the Garden - $ 15.00

The written Chinese language is thought to have originated approximately 2500 B.C. The Chinese character for "Garden" contains four components. Notice how the second person comes from the side of the first person. Chinese brush painting is an ancient, traditional art form created with pine soot ink and watercolors on rice paper using goat hair and bamboo brushes. The "chop" or "seal" in vermillion is the signature of the artist. Artwork $15.00 plus $1.95 shipping.