The Truth Bookstore was established to offer books on Creation, Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Prophecy, Israel, America as well as Bibles. In addition, find great DVD's on many important and cutting edge topics. If you're looking for a gift for any age, we carry jewelry, crafts, T-shirts and toys. 

Coprolite -Dinosaur Poop - $ 2.00

Genuine Dinosaur Poop - Coprolite is fosslized animal dung.  $2.00 plus $1.75 shipping.

Large Fossils and Rocks - $ 3.00

Large Fossils and Rocks.  $3.00 each plus $0.75 shipping.

Mosasaur Tooth - $ 5.00

Mosasaur Tooth - from Latin "Mosa" meaning "Muese river" and "Saur" meaning "lizard". The river lizard had a body shape similar to that of modern-day monitor lizards, but their bodies were more streamlined for swimming.  $5.00 plus $0.75 shipping.

Small Fossils and Rocks - $ 2.00

Small Fossils and Rocks.  $2.00 each plus $0.75 shipping.

Trilobite Cast - $ 2.00

Trilobite Cast.  $2.00 plus $1.75 shipping.