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D is for Dinosaur

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D is for Dinosaur - By Ken & Mally Ham - Illustrated by Jeff Albrect.  $18.00 including shipping. The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

The Biblical A to Z book children will be drawn to again and again!

D is for Dinosaur has been revised with brilliant new illustrations to enhance the wonderful rhyming text, helping children memorize important insights from Scripture and God’s world. Each sequence of verses teaches foundational principles from the Bible, from Creation to the glory of heaven, answering such questions as:

  • Was the world just a big accident?
  • What kinds of creatures did God fill the earth with on day five?
  • How did sin change the good and perfect world?
  • Did dinosaurs actually go on the ark?

Part of a popular, parent-approved series, this book contains tips on presenting kid-sized nuggets of Biblical information! Includes a structured-learning student section and a helpful reference section for parents or educators that can be modified for any educational setting.

This resource can be a fun and educational way to share important Biblical truths with your young learners, with bright illustrations, a structured presentation of the lesson’s components, and the delightful ABC rhymes!

Download coloring versions of the artwork to enjoy and to help reinforce the Biblical concepts. Extra activities are also included.

With cute images to engage interest, each letter lesson of the alphabet consists of: a colorful illustration, a rhyme to read, points for a short discussion, a short core truth to memorize, stuff to do, a quick review, and more answers for parents or educators.