The Truth Bookstore was established to offer books on Creation, Dinosaurs, Outer Space, Prophecy, Israel, America as well as Bibles. In addition, find great DVD's on many important and cutting edge topics. If you're looking for a gift for any age, we carry jewelry, crafts, T-shirts and toys. 

America To Pray? or Not To Pray? - $ 7.95

America To Pray? or Not to Pray? By Davod Barton: $ 7.95 Plus $2.95

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible - $ 25.00

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible-A Biblical World history Curriculum-From Creation to Jesus Christ-Ansers in Genesis History written by Diana Waring: $25.00 Plus $6.95 Shipping 

Black Belt Patriotism - $ 15.00

Black Belt Patriotism-How to Reawaken America by chuck Norris: $15.00 P)lus $4.95 shipping

George Washington Providence - $ 10.00

George Washington Providence: Written & Photgraphs by Rob Westman- Paintings by Kay Walton: $10.00 Plus $3.95 Shippig 

God & The Nations - $ 9.00

God & The Nations-What The Bible Has To Say About Civilizations-Past and Present: the Henry Morris Signature Collection: $ 9.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping 

Keys to Good Government - $ 3.95

Keys to Good Government-According The Founding Fathers by David Barton: $3.95 Plus $1.95 Shipping

The Myth of Separtation - $ 7.00

The Myth of Separation-what is the correct relationsip between Chruch and State? by David Barton: $7.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping