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The Case for Christ The Case for Faith - $ 19.95

The Case for Christ-The Case for Faith (Two Books in One) by Lee Strobel: $19.95 Plus $4.95 Shipping

The Final Curtain - $ 10.00

The Final Curtain: Fame, Fortune, & Futile Lives by Ray Comfort: $10.00 Plus $3.95 Shipping

The Indwelling Life of Christ - $ 12.00

The Indwelling Life of Christ-All of Him in All of Me by Major W. Ian Thomas:  $12.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Little Church Stayed Home - $ 5.00

The Little Church Stayed Home-A faithful church in deceptive times by Gary E. Gilley: $5.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Power of Spoken Blessings - $ 5.00

The Power of Spoken Blessings by Bill Gothar: $5.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

This Little Church had none - $ 5.00

This little church had none-A Church in Search of The Truth by Gary E. Gilley: $5.00 Plus $ 2.95 Shipping

Why My Child Lord? - $ 11.95

Why My Child Lord? Claiming God's Promises After The Deat of a Child by Michelle Sulllivan: $11.95 Plus $2.95 Shipping