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Accepted in my Imperfection, Delivered from my Sin and shame - $ 13.00

Accepted in Impercection, Delivered from my Sin and shame-A Mother's Inspiring Story of Her Son's triumphant Walk Throgh the Valley of Aids by Johnie Grainger: $13.00 including shipping. The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.


Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost - $ 10.00

Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost by Buddy Helms: $10.00 Including shipping.  The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

 Some people believe that the Holy Spirit finished His work with the completion of the New Testament. Based upon the Bible, this position is clearly not valid and borders upon blasphemy. What does the Bible really tell us? Can we live lives pleasing to God by following His commands and trying to apply the words of Scripture strictly from an intellectual perspective? If the work of the Holy Ghost ended with the completion of the New Testament, how are we to live? This book is an in depth look at what the Bible teaches about the person and the work of the Holy Ghost within the lives of believers, and it sheds light upon why there are so many different sects, denominations, and factions. Jesus said, "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24) Why do people believe and practice things that aren't scriptural in Christian churches? Why do traditions seem to have such a strong hold on so many? Could it be that ignorance of God's word is rampant? Too many seem to be just taking the preacher's word for what the Bible says. Many are trusting teachers without question. Others are just holding on to traditions that they have learned from friends and relatives. What's at stake? What difference does it make? The short answer is that eternity is at stake. If that makes no difference to a person, nothing can be said or written to help.

Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium - $ 15.00

Creation Evangelism for the New Mellennium by Ken Ham: $ 15.00 including shipping. The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

The first of its kind on the market, this book offers a bold approach to evangelism by looking at the effects of evolutionary compromise on the modern church, and how to reverse the dangerous trend. Ham alerts the church leaders and laypersons that a low view of Genesis among Christian leaders is rendering the church ineffective at evangelism in our modern world.A non-denominational work, this book clearly explains the foundational importance of Genesis.

God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life - $ 8.00

God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life- The Myth of the Modern Message by Ray Comfort: $8.00 Shipping included. The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

For decades, the world's most popular gospel message has been drawing the lost by promising God's wonderful plan for their life. But behind the facade of the "wonderful plan" message is the reality of the trials, temptation, and persecution that Jesus promised. How can we reconcile the two?

In this life-changing book, best-selling author Ray Comfort explores whether this common gospel approach aligns with real life--and with Scripture. The vital biblical principles he reveals will force you to reexamine your ideas about the gospel--and will teach you how to reach unbelievers the way God intended. A must-read for all who care about the lost.

The Little Church Stayed Home - $ 7.00

The Little Church Stayed Home-A faithful church in deceptive times by Gary E. Gilley: $7.00 including shipping.  The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

Many churches, riding the faddish waves of our times, have gone 'to market', but not all. Some churches are trying to 'stay home', that is, remain firmly grounded in the Scriptures. Still, the pressures mount, the temptations are repackaged, and the schemes of the world become more and more persuasive. In This Little Church Stayed Home, Dr. Gilley explores the manifold temptations of conservative churches to sell out to modern trends and innovations, including the present temptation towards mystical theology. Churches toying with 'new measures' will be challenged to remain true to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith and to remain faithful to God's chosen means of converting sinners to himself: the good news of Jesus Christ. Pastors, seminary students, church leaders, and Christians who want God's Word to be paramount in their lives will find This Little Church Stayed Home a timely message to a Christian subculture fixated on marketing the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Power of Spoken Blessings - $ 6.00

The Power of Spoken Blessings by Bill Gothar: $6.00 shipping included. The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

This book explores how verbal blessings can change and restore difficult relationships, highlighting the great power of the living God to work in our daily lives. The spoken blessing is a powerful spiritual weapon with enduring impact. By giving spoken blessings, we can see healing brought to aching souls and restoration brought to bruised relationships. Such wonders are accomplished by the power of God’s Spirit through the agency of spoken blessings, just as Scripture affirms: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." Our words have the power to crush or to heal, to break bones or to plant a tree of life where none has grown before. And these dynamics of the spoken blessing may be truer today than ever. Mr. Gothard’s timely message brings this awareness to us in a helpful and encouraging way.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

Proverbs 18:21

What if spoken blessings could grant freedom from years of bitter hurts? What if they could break down the walls that divide husband from wife, parent from child, and friend from friend?

Our words have lasting impact not only for harm, but also for great good. By speaking blessings, we can help bring healing to aching souls and restoration to bruised relationships. Let Bill Gothard share with you the secret of spoken blessings, and embark on a rich family tradition that brings harmony and closeness beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.

Story Behind the Book

While dealing with layer after layer of hurts, fears, and barriers that teenagers experience with their parents and God, I often heard cruel statements by a parent during a time of anger. Statements like “I wish you were never born” or “You’ll never amount to anything” were like deadly poison affecting everything in that teenager’s life. Such is the power of a verbal curse. However, more powerful have been the verbal blessings of a parent to a son or daughter. They have been like sources of refreshment and energy that have guided the goals and decisions of those who received them. With such lasting results from the life-and-death power of the tongue, it was essential to me that this book be written.

Why My Child Lord? - $ 13.00

Why My Child Lord? Claiming God's Promises After The Deat of a Child by Michelle Sulllivan: $13.00 shipping included.  The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

This book was inspired by my desire to help those who are grieving the loss of a child. Nothing could be more devasting. But there is comfort and healing in God’s Word. After experiencing the loss of my own precious daughter, I found I wanted answers to all the whys.

You will find within these pages Godly wisdom and encouragement that will help you beyond anything you could imagine.  God has given us hundreds of promises that not only contain wisdom and answers  to our whys, but comfort for our broken hearts as well. The answers God showed me in the Scriptures were just to good to keep to myself. I began to write so I could share them with other grieving parents.