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Big Bible Guide - $ 12.00

Big Bible Guide-Creaton & Bible Animals-Fun and Fascinating Bible Reference for Kids Ages 8-12 by Tracy M. Sumner and Jane Landreth:  12.00 Including shipping 

Hey kids here s Bible reference you ll actually "want" to read It combines the colorful "Kids Guide to God s Creation "and "Kids Guide to Bible Animals" into one volume for 8 12-year-olds. The first section discusses what God made on each day of creation week. The second section describes and pictures 99 animals of scripture, from ants to eagles, and grasshoppers to wolves. Fun and fascinating, this Big Bible Guide is brightly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, all in a colorful, kid-friendly design. It s perfect for personal reading, Sunday school, and home schooling. " 

Firm Foundations Creation to Christ - $ 28.00

Firm Foundations Creation to Christ by Trevor Mcllwain with Nancy Everson: $28.00 shipping included

In The Beginning Was Information - $ 14.00

DVD - In The Beginning Was Information - Featuring Dr. Werner Gitt. $14.00 shipping included

Written by Dr. Werner Gitt, an information specialist and retired director/professor of the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, this book presents a wide variety of evidences for the existence of an external, intelligent, and willful Creator of the universe. He applies the laws of logic and the laws of information to support his position using the existence of natural laws, recent discoveries in the field of genetics, language, entropy, and conservation principles as examples. The book also includes four extensive appendices as follows:

  The Statistical View of Information,

  Language: The Medium for Creating,

  Energy, and

  Conservation of Energy in Biological Systems.

This book is a must read for anyone seriously investigating the concept of Intelligent Design and/or Biblical Creation. This is a very challenging and eye-opening read.


Questions in Genesis - $ 5.00

Questions in Genesis by Tom Jenkins $5.00 including shipping

Six Days - $ 15.00

Six Days-The Age of the Earth and Decline of the Church by Ken Ham $15.00 Shipping included

While 7-day, young-earth creationism is the norm in some circles, many Bible colleges, seminaries, Christian schools, and segments of the homeschool movement do not treat Genesis as literal history. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis explains why compromise has filtered down from institutions to parents to their children. . . and is the cause for generations of young people leaving the church. Discover the truth and bring the church back to the authority of God's word with Six Days: The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church.



The Amazing Story of Creaton - $ 15.00

The Amazing Story of Creaton from science and the Bible by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. Illustred by Earl and Bonnie Snellenberger: $15.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Beginning of the World - $ 9.00

The Beginning of the World-A Scientific Study of Geneis 1-11 by Henry Morris: $9.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Evidence for Creation - $ 15.00

The Evidence for Creation-Examining The Origin of Planet Earth by G.S. McLean, Roger Oakland and Larry McLean: $15.00 Plud $2.95 Shipping

The Evolution of a Creationist - $ 9.95

The Evolution of a Creationist by Jobe Martin: $9.95 Plus $2.95 shipping

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? - $ 14.00

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution- Jonathan Sarfati: $14.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Modern Creation Trilogy - $ 20.00

The Modern Creation Trilogy by Henry M. Morris and John D. Morris: $20.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Mystery of Life's Origin - $ 15.99

The Mystery of Life's Origin-Reassessing Current Theories by Charles B. Thaxton, Walter l. Bradley, Roger L. Olsen: $15.99 Plus $2.95 Shipping

The Revised Quote Book - $ 3.50

The Revised Quote Book-Quotable Quotes on Creation/Evolution By Leading Authorities: $3.50 Plus $ 2.95 Shipping 

Wonders of Creation - $ 28.00

Wonders of Creation-Design in a Fallen World by Stuart Burgess and Andy Mcintosh: $28.00 plus $2.95 Shipping