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23 Minutes In Hell - $ 5.00

23 Minutes In Hell-One man's story about what he saw, heard, and felt in that place of tourment. By Bill Wiese: $5.00 Plus $2.95 shipping

Champion of Invention - $ 6.95

Champion of invention by Joh Hudson Tiner: $6.95 Plus $1.95 Shipping

Champions of Science - $ 695

Champions of Science by John Hudson Tiner: $6.95 Plus $1.95 Shipping

Crow Heritage and Jesus Road - $ 5.00

Crow Heritage and the Jesus Road by Tom Jenkinks: $5.00 Plus $1.95 Shipping

Gifted Mind - $ 12.50

Gifted Mind-The Dr. Raymond Damadian Troy, Inventor of the MRI by Jeff Kinley: $12.50 Plus $3.95 Shipping

Go a Little Further - $ 5.00

Go a Little Further-W. Ian Thomas and the Trochbeares Story by Joan Thomas:  $5.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

Run to Glory - $ 7.95

Run to Glory-the Story of Eric Liddell-Olympic Gold Medalist and Envoy to China: $7.95 Plus $2.95 Shipping 

Ten P's In A Pod - $ 10.00

Ten P's IN A Pod-A million-Mile journal of the Arnold Pent Family by Arnold Pent III: $10.00 Plus $3.95 Shipping 

Tortured for Christ - $ 7.00

Tortured for Christ-Founder of the Voice of the Martyrs by Richard Wurmbrand: $7.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping