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A Woman Rides the Beast - $ 15.00

Book - Prophecy - The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days - A Woman Rides the Beast - the angel said "...I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and the beast..." Revelation 17:7.  $15.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Already Gone - $ 10.00

Book: Already Gone by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer- Why kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it. $10.00 Plus $2.95 Shipping

Esther - $ 14.00

Book: Esther, Holy Scripture - For such a time as this. Reproduced on genuine parchment as in ancient Biblical times, bound in soft leather.  $14.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Famous Atheists - $ 5.00

DVD: Famous Atheists by Ray Comfort - Their senseless arguments and how to easily answer them.  $5.00 plus $1.75 shipping.

Green Gospel - $ 12.00

Book - Prophecy- Green Gospel - The New World Religion by Sheila Zilinsky.  $12.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Peace Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust - $ 10.00

Book - Prophecy - Peace Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust - The New Age Movement in Prophecy by Dave Hunt.  $10.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Prayer Diary - $ 6.00

Alphabetical Weekly Prayer List.  $6.00 plus $2.95 shipping.

Ruth - $ 14.00

Book: Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Reproduced on genuine parchment as in ancient Biblical times, bound in leather.  $14.00 plus 2.95 shipping.

Scientific Facts in the Bible - $ 3.00

Scientific Facts in the Bible by Ray Comfort 100 Reasons to Belive the Bible is Supernatural in Origin $3.00 Plus .75 Shipping

THE WAY - $ 9.00

Creation, Life and Beauty, undone by death and wrongdoing, regained by God's surprising victory. As told in the book of THE NEW TESTAMENT.  $9.00 Plus $1.95 Shipping

Unveiling the Man of Sin - Prophecy - $ 10.00

Book - Prophecy - Unveiling the Man of Sin by Dr. Joe VanKoevering.  $10.00 plus $2.95 shipping.