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Barbour's Bible Dictionary & Concordance

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Barbour's Bible Dictionary & Concordance - George W. Knight and Rayburn W. Ray. 8x5 1/2: $13.00 shipping included. The Truth Bookstore regrets that we cannot ship outside of the USA.

 The time you spend with God's Word is invaluable.
When you want understandable and affordable Bible reference products, turn to Barbour! This practical and reliable dictionary and concordance provides more than 2,500 dictionary definitions covering the most significant people, places, things, and ideas of the Bible as well as 10,000 scripture reference spanning more than 1,800 concordance topics. Based on the King James Version, Barbour's Bible Dictionary and Concordance includes entries carefully selected for their biblical significance and written in a brief, concise style, perfect for your everyday Bible study.