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New Frontiers

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Audio - New Frontiers - Exploring Creation Ocean and Space - A two part radio special. October 12, 1492 Columbus discovered the New World. Today, five centuries later, America has been settled - and man now looks to the stars as a new frontier. This half-hour presentation will discuss current space exploration and technology, how the stars proclaim the Creator, and the question of extraterrestrial life. Space: A New Frontier - Track 2 (24:55) - As Columbus journeyed to the New World his ship glided over another frontier. Four centuries man has ignored the frontier under the ocean, and is just now beginning to realize its potential. During this half-hour presentation, we will take a look at undersea exploration, the amazing creatures in the sea, and the evidences from the ocean that point to the Creator. The Ocean: A New Frontier - Track 1 (24:55)  $7.00 plus 1.95 shipping.