“For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they (mankind) are without excuse”. ~ Romans 1:20
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Let's Do Church!
Discovery Bible Church

Morning Service.......10:30 a.m.
(DVD presentations of some of America's most respected Bible teachers)

Join us for a time of:

  • • Clear, practical Bible Teaching
  • • Inspiring Traditional Music
  • • Sweet Christian Fellowship

Located on the corner of S. 8th and Butternut St. Abilene, TX.
For more information call: 325-673-5050

Have you heard the term “BIONICS”?

BIONICS is a modern branch of electronic engineering specializing in inventing machines that imitate natural features of living creatures. Keep in mind what the theory of evolution requires. Blind chance and some mysterious self-organizing phenomena of matter are alone responsible for all design in living creatures. THINK ! Where did the first idea of sonar originate? Who had it first?

The curious little bat had sonar (or echo-location) first. Echo-location is one of the most complex functions found in animals. It works like sonar in a submarine. Nobody would dare say that modern sonar technology just magically happened “by chance”. Yet, how is it that so many so-called intellectuals insist that no Designer planned the intricate sonar system of the bat? Is it reasonable that random accidents never witnessed by anyone brought about all of that complexity?

Also, what is the bionic equivalent to the human system of remembered sight? The video camera/recorder….and this older model of an early television studio camera (that I operated when working at a television station back in the early eighties) genius inventions that they are, can only be called “crude” when compared to the amazing complexity and sensitivity of the living technicolor visual system of the human eye and computer brain!
Darwin’s amazement at the eye caused him to write in his first book: “To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems I freely confess, absurd in the highestdarin possible degree….”

If you notice that something is “absurd” wouldn’t you be inclined to find a more reasonable explanation? Designed things had a Designer! (reference: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation pg.94 by Dennis R. Petersen)

Why Understanding the Days of Creation as Literal 24 hour days Is So Very Important!

The straightforward reading of this verse is that Day One of the Creation Week was an ordinary-length day. Each day of creation consisted of an evening and a morning—a period of darkness and a period of light. This is no different from what we experience today, except the source of light for the first three days was not the sun, which was made on Day Four.

After watching the short video clip at the link below, go to the answersingenesis.org below for an in depth study as to why this subject is not only fascinating to think about but also important to believe.

Click Here

Explore • Discover • Believe

Thank you for your interest in the ministry of The Discovery Center. You will find many enjoyable and surprising things to see and learn while you are with us:

In-House programs include:

Self-guided walking tour: We are currently preparing a self-guided tour for individual or family use. However, even at this point you may still tour our facility and small creation museum on your own. Since we are a non-profit organization there is no set fee, however we do have provided a donation box by the door. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated. For display information see Exploration Stations Mini-Museum below.

Staff Guided Tours: You will be thrilled at the amazing things you can learn from our staff regarding science and history discoveries that built faith in God’s word. Call to schedule a tour/program for your class, group or family. The walking tour is approximately 20 minutes in length (depending on the ages of the group members) and also includes a 30 minute video presentation or live creation science stage show. (Live stage shows may be requested for groups of 40 or more). Also, please consider a $50.00 donation above the regular donation suggestion for the live creation science stage show. We recommend that you plan for a 1 ½ hr. visit in order to thoroughly enjoy our facility. Also, please call ahead if your group is going to be late, as we will need to arrange our schedule.

After hours private group tours/classes: You may schedule your group to come some evening or Saturday morning after our regular hours for a special private Creation Adventure Tour/program. Many youth groups and Bible study groups come on Wednesday evenings as an added blessing to their regular studies.

Creation Resources and Education Toys: Also, plan some time to visit with our robots and browse our bookstore and educational toy department. If you are looking for great creation resources and educational toys you will find many here. It also helps The Discovery Center when you purchase resources from us. Thanks for your help! We are wheelchair accessible and also have room for a few strollers.

Warning to adults: visiting The Discovery Center may cause regression into childhood.

Safety Requirements: For the safety of your children and our facility, children must be attended by parents at all times. Unattended children, when caught, will be given an espresso and a free puppy! Misbehaving children will be sold to the zoo.

Discovery Adventure Theatre: First Thursday night of each month..

Discovery Science Classes: science and history classes are often taught by qualified teachers. Classes qualify for school credit. Consult News and Events page for any upcoming classes and subject information.

Discovery Days (Science Workshops):
Occasionally we conduct these special Saturdayworkshops for ages 7-12. Consult News and Events page for any upcoming workshops.

Special interest spots include:

RoboZone Exploration Site and Gift Shop: You may visit with our two hi-tech robots who each have a special eternal message for you. At the same site you may shop for a special science or history gift that will educate as well as excite your children.

Exploration Stations (mini museum):
See and learn about fascinating animals and the origin of life in Genesis Park. Learn the difference between true science and pseudo science in our Science and Scripture site. Observe a 400 year old piece of Scripture from one of the first King James Bibles printed and learn why God’s word is the most valuable and forbidden item on earth. See a 5.5 ft model of Noah’s Ark as well as fossils that give evidence to the biblical account of a world wide flood. See and learn about dinosaurs and other animals that attest to God’s special design, plus more!

Extension Ministry:

Special Programs: frequently we host or sponsor Creation Science events (Star Parties, Dinosaur Digs, Creation Retreats and Creation Celebration events with special out-of-town speakers). Please consult our current News and Events for information.

Discover God’s Universe Creation Seminars: our staff is available to come to your church, school or group within a 100 mile radius of Abilene, to teach a creation seminar. . Seminars can be modified to meet your needs for one special 90 minute Creation Science program or several 60 minute programs beginning on Friday evening, Saturday morning or several programs on Sunday. (Mini-weekend Seminar). Exciting topics include:

The Day of the Dinosaur: Discover exciting information regarding when dinosaurs lived, how they died and why it is important to use them to teach God’s truth.
100% Chance of Rain: Learn evidence from history and geology for a global flood as described in the Bible.

If You Kiss A Frog: Learn from true science why evolution is a fairytale and discover the truth about origins, as described in the Bible as seen from science and history.
Is Anybody Out There? Learn the truth about the intriguing subject “aliens” that deceives so many today. Even Christians!

It’s a Frankenstein World: Learn about the devastating social effects that the teaching of evolution has upon society, even to the point of cannibalism in China.

Seminars are formatted with overhead screen images, music, science demonstrations, video clips and more. Handout material is also provided as well as a resource table for purchasing valuable creation material. Cost: love offering plus travel expenses.

Creation Adventure Exploration Tours: The Discovery Center sponsors short term and long term trips to other Creation Museums and adventure locations. Consult our News and Events page for up-coming trips.

A Discovery Minute Radio program: You may listen to samples of our daily one minute radio program by clicking on “A Discovery Minute” You may also listen locally on KGNZ FM 88.1 at 7:45 a.m. M-F or on the internet at KGNZ.com


See exciting new giant display by local artist Graham Gutting.
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